Kid's                                                                  $3.50

Single                                                               $4.25

Double                                                             $6.50

Sampler                                                           $9.00



Fortune Cookie Cone                                     $1.25

Toppings                                                          $1.00


Other Stuff

Baked Stuff                                                     $2.00

Pints                                                                $9.50

Shakes (16oz)                                                 $8.00

Add Malt                                                        $  .50



The Hosack                                                     $13.50 / Double Hosack                              $20.00

Named in honor of our friend, Chef Mark Hosack, who was so kind to us when we were starting out.  This incredibly generous sundae is larger than average, sweet and nutty.  4 scoops of ice cream topped with lots of Magic Dust and covered with Hot Fudge, Honey Caramel and Toasted Marshmallow and finished with Whipped Cream.

Baked Oregon                                                 $9.50

One of our housemade fudge brownies topped with a scoop of ice cream, Honey Caramel, Magic Dust and Chocolate Shell and then covered in Toasted Marshmallow.

The Ice Cream Sandwich Experience              $12.00

Two of our housemade cookies cut into wedges and served with two scoops of ice cream topped with toasted marshmallow.  Additional toppings of Hot Fudge, Honey Caramel and Magic Dust let you create the perfect ice cream sandwich.

Ice Cream Sampling                                       $7.50

The perfect way to sample our ice cream. Slightly smaller scoops of 4 flavors and a sampling of 4 of our toppings.

Add an additional scoop for                          $1.75


Full Trays of ice cream available for parties  $60

Gift cards are available in any denomination.