We use only the finest ingredients to make our ice cream. Slowly infusing the cream with real ingredients such as roasted nuts and coffee, and hand crafting the toffees, nut brittles, candied fruits and sauces that add flavor and texture.

Below is a list of many of the flavors we make at our shops. The selections at our shops change almost daily and we often try out new flavor combinations that are not listed here.

Please call the location of your choice for a daily menu. 

Our ice cream may contain gluten, nuts or other allergens. G - Contains gluten  |  N - Contains nuts  |  L - Contains liquor


A selection of some of the Flavors you may find on our menu

“Thrilla” in Vanilla  |  Our private, custom blend of four vanillas come together to bring this classic flavor up a notch.

Honey Vanilla  l  A classic vanilla taken to the next level with a delicious local honey. 

Bourbon Toffee (G,L)  |  Maker’s Mark Bourbon ice cream and our White Trash Toffee.

Brown Butter Almond Brittle (N)  |  Caramely, rich Brown Butter ice cream laced with crunchy housemade almond brittle.

Mint Chunk (G)  |  Oregon Mint plus generous amounts of Andes mints and Keebler Grasshopper cookies pack a minty whallop.

3D Chocolate | Deep, Dark and Delicious

Chocolate Malt (G) – Our 3D Chocolate plus yummy malt

Kahlua Espresso (L)  |  Espresso infused ice cream blended with the perfect compliment of coffee liquour.

Cortadito  |  Cuban coffee flavored ice cream with just a hint of caramel.

Mocha Chip  |  Ice cream infused with local espresso and amped with tiny bits of chocolate in every bite.

Basil Blueberry  |  Sweet basil infused ice cream layered with a ribbon of house-made blueberry compote.

Burnt Sugar  |  The best part of a crème brulee.

Butterscotch Blondie (G,N)  |  True butterscotch flavors our ice cream which is then laced with pieces of house-made blondies.

Caramel Toasted Rice Pudding  |  The nutty flavor of toasted rice infused with cinnamon and vanilla and layered with caramel.

Cereal and Milk (G)  |  Tastes like the milk at the bottom of the bowl.

Cherry Bomb (L)  |  Our homage to Ben and Jerry.  Cherry Bourbon ice cream laced with pieces of fresh cherries and chocolate.

Cobblers (G)  |  Our “Thrilla” in Vanilla layered with delicious seasonal fruit compote and crunchy cone streusel topping.

Cone Yo!  |  Ice cream cone flavored ice cream with pieces of our cone cookies, cone streusel and chocolate covered cones.

Cookies & Cream I Our spin on a classic - Vanilla Malt ice cream laced with lots of our housemade chocolate chip and cone cookies.

Dirty Chai I Based on one of our favorite warm drinks, this ice cream features a spicy Chai tea flavor cut with just enough espresso to balance the sweetness.

Fudge Monkey (N)  |  A chocolate covered banana re-imagined as an ice cream: Roasted banana ice cream laced with candied walnuts and pockets of fudge.

Halvah Pistachio (N) I The delicious Mediterranean sesame candy tuned into an ice cream and laced with housemade pistachio brittle. 

Key Lime Pie I We bake our special Key Lime Pie and mix it into the ice cream, crust an all, for this amazing ice cream. 

Lavender Honey I Laveneder and Honey sourced locally and mixed together to create this perfect ice cream.

Maple Jack Bacon Brittle (L)  |  Maple ice cream flavored with Jack Daniel’s whiskey and laced with our Bacon Brittle.

Market Spice Caramel  |  Ice cream made with Seattle’s delicious Market Spice Tea made with orange oil and cinnamon and layered with caramel.

Mounds of Joy (N)  |  Dark Rum ice cream, coconut, chocolate and almonds.

Nutella (N) I No description needed.

Peaches and Scream  |  Rose City Pepperheads’ delicious combination of Pacific Northwest peaches, peppadew and habanero come together to make the perfect ice cream with just the tiniest kick.

Peanut Butter Curry (G,N)  |  All natural peanut butter and golden curry make a surprising and delicious combination.

Peanut Butter S'mores (G,N) I Chocolate ice cream, peanut butter coated graham crackers and housemade marshshmallows

Spiced Chocolate Tequila (L)  |  Chocolate ice cream infused with cardamom, cinnamon, star anise and Sauza Tequila

Spicy Kiss I Honey Caramel ice cream laced with spicy chocolate pieces.

Thai Iced Tea I We turned this Thai treat of strong black tea and sweetened condensed milk into an ice cream...you're welcome.

Toasted Almond with Candied Cherries (N)  |  The perfect combination of toasted almond ice cream combined with candied cherries and chopped almonds.

Tennessee Honey (L)  |  Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey Whiskey ice cream laced with house-made honeycomb candy.


And, we always offer one of our vegan sorbets.  Some, but not all, of the flavors you may find on our menu:

Chocolate  |  Dense, creamy, unbelievably chocolatey.

Bananas Foster (L)  |  Bananas, brown sugar, rum…need we say more?

Lychee Coconut  |  The exotic flavor of sweet lychees blended with creamy coconut make a winning combination.

Cool as a Cucumber (L)  |  Based on a favorite martini of ours, the delightfully refreshing blend of cucumber and a touch of St. Germaine liquour make for a most refreshing sorbet.

Pear Ginger I Smooth, creamy pear sorbet with pieces of candied ginger.

Mango  |  Tastes like a trip to the tropics.